Friday, August 9, 2013

Red is Beautiful

Today I found a pleasant surprise in my postbox! Jeanny send me a couple of her embroidered tea towels, beautifully embroidered and how lovely of her to send them to me! You are a fine needlewoman Jeanny and modest at that!

A gorgeous gift, Thank You Jeanny xx

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where shall I begin....

I travelled to the Netherlands in May to visit my family and whilst being there I could not go past Petra Prins and De Haan en Wagemakers where I bought stash, well what else, really!

After Josephine, I wanted to use up some of my reds and bought a few more at Petra Prins. Gerda  helped me with the border fabric, there were so many fabrics to choose from that my mind ran overtime. Thank you Gerda:)) 

This is my interpretation of a Dutch Handkerchief Quilt, (Bandana for the USA), a bit different than the real thing, I must admit and using the Templates of Josephine which I liked.  The  fabrics were bought here.
The plates (melamine) you see in the middle were a present from my niece, based on Faience dish Delft c 1750-1775  Rijksmuseum, in case you wondered.

 Our next visit was to The Haan&Wagemakers to buy their fabrics . Thanks to Elsbeth and Annelies for a wonderful service. A shop you will love! Don't forget these shops will be at the Birmingham Quilt Show next week!
Learn more about these fabrics here.

Back in the UK, in June and I produced a few mementos for Erica and Jeanny, whom I met up with in Oxford last week to see the Feller Collection, such a privilege, an unforgettable day. The books are fantastic, such a wealth of information on needlework samplers and much more!  I finally saw Jeanny and her friend Tilly in the flesh so to speak, you probably know her blog, if not, it is a must to explore! I also met the sampler girls from Belgium of which Erica is a part, wonderful ladies who produce outstanding needlework, they are associated with The Kontich Museum in Belgium which has their own sampler collection.  Boxes and Tags were produced by Marly.

A few books for the collection, all fabulous reads.
The Feller Collection
ISBN 978-0-9552086-5-2  &  ISBN 978-0-9552086-6-9

Enjoying the wonderful summer which will go on until December, wishful thinking:))
Thank you all for the comments you left on my previous post and a big welcome to all  new followers.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's a sunny day here in Gloucestershire, 20 degrees C!!! The long winter is now hopefully behind us although one never knows! Time to show you a few bits and pieces on the love of my (quilt) life.

 Josephine a kit by Petra Prins, I finished the centerpiece on 4th April 2013.
A wonderful quilt to make, I did fell in love with Josephine, but that is because she is A Dutch quilt, I seem to go back to my roots lately:))

 Detail Centerpiece

 A little cutting job I did at Easter, I used templates and cut them by hand.

The top finished on 21st April 2013, all hand pieced.
The tea towel is Dutch too!

A better view.

Floor View
 A pleasure to stitch, similar quilts are found in the Open Air Museum in The Netherlands.
An Moonen wrote The History of Dutch Quilts, you can see wonderful examples in her book and is available in English and Dutch.

 Treasures from Holland a fabulous book by Petra Prins, I don't know if it is still available but you can contact the shop. A new book is now available, Promenade in a Dutch Garden. another Must Have.

The background fabric will be the backing of Josephine.
A couple of books arrived in my postbox, the Merk-en Stoplappen was a present from my lovely friend Erica (no blog), all about samplers from an Orphanage in Amsterdam, a couple of  charts are included, available here.  Van Ootjes Goet is a fabulous Quilt book which I saw on a few Dutch blogs available here! Both books are in Dutch only! They are lovely reads.

Update of Sarah Harris which is much needed! I must admit that stitching has been on the back burner for a while.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on General Wives and a welcome to my new followers! 
Off to the garden now and enjoy the sun.
Have a sunny week:))

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

General Wives & a Few Ornaments

A very warm welcome to you all and my new followers today :)) 
My heart goes out to all the farmers in the North of England,Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Many lambs and livestock have been lost due to the snow blizzards, heartbreaking!

The last 6 blocks
 General Wives was such a pleasure to work on, and the top is now finished. It has all been done by hand except for the flower border which I did on the sewing machine.

I have cheated with the middle block, this one should have been application stars, but chose to make a pieced block, I think it looks like a star... The backing will be the same as the blue flower fabric. There are 9.5 yards of that, the size of this quilt is 102" / 2.60m

Will have to sandwich this one next en then hand quilt it, the weather is just perfect for it!! Although it is somewhat depressing seeing that Easter is around the corner and we have not managed to put winter where it should be, Siberia!

I have got a few other quilts ready for quilting too, the Lecien Scrap Quilt.

Dandelion Girl by Fig Tree fabrics
I made this one in a class in 2009.
 Display of the Quilts I made and must say that I never thought I could do this! Next I will try my Featherweight to sew a few pieces together.

Have started a few Hexi's too.

A few blogs back I showed you these ornaments and have made them up into Lavender ornaments. For the Purple Thread click for more designs.

I have got the Chenille finishing bug, see below too!
Peacock spot sampler by Ewe Eye & Friends.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and may the sun shine!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

REVISED, New Book of Samplers by Joke Visser

 Please look at the REVISED previous post, I have added more information!
A small taste what is in the book :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

REVISED! New Samplers and Needlework Book by Joke Visser

You can buy the book now  for 27.50 Euro's until 15th April inclusive of p&p!
After that date the price will be 35 Euro's excl p&p. Please note that this book is in Dutch and French only and will be released on the 3rd May 2013.
There are however many  illustrations and Sampler pictures, together with 2 charts of a sampler and an embroidery. In the book there is also a fold out of 4 Souvenir de ma Jeunesse (example)   pictures of 150 cm/60 inches.

OEFENSTOF/ Merklappen en andere vrouwelijke handwerken 1600 - 1920 Au Fil des Marquoirs/Trésors de broderie des Pays-Bas 1600 - 1920

Tentoonstelling / Exhibition in Paris: 
Bibliothèque Forney  te Parijs  15 mei - 27 juli 2013 / 15th May - 27th July 2013 Open from Monday to Saturday 1300 hrs - 1900 hrs, closed on 18th May!
Adress; 1 rue du Figuier Paris 4e , Tél : 01-42-78-14-60, Du mardi au samedi de 13h à 19h, Fermeture : 18 mai.

Bibliotheque Forney situated in Hôtel de Sense, Paris.
Closed 18th May / Gesloten op 18 mei!

Op 14 mei 2013 wordt de tentoonstelling "Au Fil des Marquoirs" geopend. In vier grote zalen van de Bibliothèque Forney gevestigd in Hôtel de Sens Parijs wordt de geschiedenis van de Nuttige en Fraaie Handwerken in Nederland getoond. De eerste zaal is gewijd aan drie eeuwen merklappen. De tweede zaal staat in het teken van de stoplappen uit dezelfde periode. De 19e eeuw komt aan de orde in de derde zaal om in de vierde zaal te eindigen met de werkjes die eind 19e eeuw bij de opleiding tot lerares nuttige en fraaie handwerken werden gemaakt en vaak gebundeld zijn in zogenaamde Souvenirs de ma Jeunesse. Het tentoonstelling is samengesteld uit de collectie Joke Visser.
Ter gelegenheid van de tentoonstelling verschijnt het boek : OEFENSTOF

De boekpresentatie is 3 mei 2013 in het Breda's Museum en tot 15 april kan het boek tegen een speciale intekenprijs rechtstreeks worden besteld bij de uitgever Lecturis
Via de site:
of rechtstreeks naar het boek via